Florianopolis, more commonly referred to as Floripa, is on an island just off the coast of Brazil just close enough to be connected by a bridge. It has a nice, bustling modern city. We opted to stay a bit away from it. Given advice from some Paraguayan amigos well familiar with the area, we stayed two fistfuls of kilometers out of the city, over some hills and by the water at Lagoa da Conceição.

Our place was decidedly less, uh, modern and perhaps “posh” as places we’ve rented. I’ve always wondered about the 2nd and 3rd floor apartments over small businesses here… the ones with the small, external and dodgy iron wrought spiral staircases. We found out as that is where we stayed. Our place was one big primary room with two small bedrooms. At least the bedrooms had drapes, the dining area/kitchen was a wide open fishbowl. We had a great deck/balcony with tables, lounge chairs, quincho… but it was fairly cold and got dark and actual cold early. Would have been a much better place for bros on a Spring Break than our usual lodging. We’ve liked airBNB for letting us “live local”, we got that flavor this stay.

IMG_7016 IMG_7017 IMG_7015 IMG_20160720_120309164 IMG_20160720_100820599 IMG_20160723_144340065_HDR IMG_20160723_152520997 IMG_20160720_101032858_HDR

That said, the location was perfect for a lot of the fun stuff Floripa has to check out. We had a great view from the balcony, hills on one side and a plaza on the other. Morning markets on Thursday and Saturday, kids playing futebol the rest of the day, all day, until the Sun went down. Conveniently near the water taxi as well.

First night we decided to stay close and check out Books & Beer. Was one of the places I had bookmarked to visit in advance… and conveniently located about 600m from our apartment. Really cool establishment, had a downstairs lounge area with dimmed lights, comfy chairs and couches to relax with friends for a social few. Upstairs was the bar/restaurant, half inside, half on an outside patio overlooking the lagoa. 5 beers on tap, and a large bottle selection, an enjoyable special – fruit of the sea curry style, com cerveja. The menus are printed up like books, with beers, wines, appetizers each having their own chapter and presented almost in literary style. We were handed, much to my amusement, Moby Dick and O Velho E O Bar – the Old Man and the Sea (well, Bar).

IMG_20160719_191539928 IMG_20160719_194421860 IMG_20160719_194915148
Wednesday we took the morning to hike around our new barrio, take in our new surroundings and get the lay of the land. And continue to enjoy more of Brazil’s absolutely fantastic coffee, courtesy of Café Cultura.

IMG_20160720_152344401 IMG_20160720_152347155 IMG_20160720_152550430 IMG_20160720_153523968

IMG_20160722_115607493 IMG_20160722_184813159 IMG_20160720_112336102_HDR IMG_20160720_162634641_HDR

IMG_7039 IMG_7042 IMG_7046 IMG_20160720_161337641_HDR
We did also cab into town to check out the Mercado Municipal – Basically two buildings adjacent to one another, each with open big hallways. One selling meats, fresh fish, and stores with tea, spices (including a Sriracha-imitator). The second more stores, tourist stuff and wares. The middle was restaurants and bars- including Beer Boss, another place with high craft, uh, as the name might imply, beer.

IMG_20160720_125448277 IMG_20160720_130053555_HDR IMG_20160720_130141292_HDR IMG_20160720_131147904_HDR beer boss

The entire neighborhood around the barrio also featured street vendors and stores with lots of wares -some maybe of questionable authenticity, along with a nearby plaza/park with a tree with branches so wide and massive they need metal struts to support.

IMG_20160720_124350826 IMG_20160720_124354971 IMG_20160720_124439068_HDR IMG_20160720_124542028

IMG_20160720_124647745 IMG_20160720_124858361_HDR IMG_20160720_125034734 IMG_20160720_125045309 IMG_20160720_194845055

We capped the day off back in the lagoa, with cheating on both Sriracha (the Hoy Fung original) and Sa-Ing Thai Restaurant (my one a week Tucson lunch for a decade) with Take Thai, mobile food truck. First Thai food I’ve had since January 2015. Thoroughly enjoyed.

As I mentioned we were near the heart of a lot of the outdoorsy/nature things to do, so on Thursday we cabbed a couple KM up to the start of the lagoa hike. It’s a bit of a weird one. Some little patches of hiketude along an old path cuts along the edge of the lagoa. So it’s a nature path… and suddenly houses sprout up. Some along the trail, some along the shore, some set back up higher and more secluded in the hills. Some are clearly for people with money, some are just for the local fishermen.  Then back to trails. And eventually to a couple little villages/towns. There’s also a waterfall that is pretty to look at, but really underwhelming compared to Igauzu.

At some point during the hike we were joined by a black dog that looked vaguely like our old Aussie Shepherd, Jack. He tagged along, scouted ahead and accompanied us for probably a good 40 minutes. We dubbed him Jaco in honor of my old best canine buddy.

IMG_7056 IMG_7057 IMG_7061 IMG_7062 IMG_7069 IMG_7070 IMG_7073 IMG_7075 IMG_7079 IMG_7082 IMG_7084 IMG_7085 IMG_7086 IMG_7087 IMG_7088 IMG_7092

We did enjoy some crab empanadas and beer at the end of our journey, before taking the water taxi on a 45-minute ride back to our the main dropoff right by the plaza/our place. Dinner was a trip to the Food Truck round up. The town converted an old parking lot into a permanent housing for 10 food trucks – 8 various dinner choices – and some desert and one from a local craft brewery, picnic tables, umbrella covering, even a pool that skaters were using to do tricks. Love food trucks, was awesome to see the community utilize them in such a way.

IMG_7090 IMG_7091 IMG_7095 IMG_7097 IMG_7100 IMG_20160721_144904981_HDR IMG_20160721_151006524 IMG_20160721_153005107

IMG_20160721_153422872_HDR IMG_20160721_155632766_HDR IMG_20160721_155943586_HDR IMG_20160721_160456443

IMG_20160722_202621724 IMG_20160722_202615079 IMG_20160722_202145027 IMG_20160720_201943041 IMG_20160720_201955952 IMG_20160720_202128597

Friday was cycling day, taking in a tour of the many beaches and dunes in the area, five in all are readily accessible. Enjoyable trip, even if the cobblestone roads of the lagoa were terribly uncomfortable in the saddle-area, particularly compared to Curitiba. We capped the day off with dinner at an artisanal pizza place. The restaurant vibe was great, an old two story house. They allowed us to split a pie half-and-half, which was great as neither of us managed to eat our half. They also had their own house beer, which went well with the pizza.

IMG_7109 IMG_7110 IMG_7112 IMG_7111 IMG_7119 IMG_7120 IMG_7121 IMG_7122 IMG_7127 IMG_7128 IMG_20160722_151609358_HDR IMG_20160722_153257136_HDR

We returned to the dunes on Saturday to spend an hour sledding down. Rather 4-5 minutes up for each 30 second ride down. Started with the bunny slopes, but after two runs quickly graduated to larger and largest slope. Was a heckuva lot of fun.

IMG_20160723_114205153 IMG_20160723_114638411_HDR IMG_20160723_114649029 IMG_20160723_115534883 IMG_20160723_115709401 IMG_20160723_120408448_HDR IMG_20160723_120412456 IMG_20160723_120935672 IMG_20160723_121503928 IMG_20160723_121750789 IMG_20160723_121911491 IMG_20160723_121918773

And, sadly, just like that 8 nights in Brazil were over and we returned home.


(Beer enthusiasts – Top three Tupiniquim – Polimango Double IPA, Cervejaria Imigração – Ruleto Russa IPA, Cerveja Blumenau Capivara Little IPA, with special credit to Krug. The local supermercado had 5 different beers of theirs, all named after emotions… they were all great.)


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