Mid-July we took a summer (well, winter) break and enjoyed a four night/three day stay in Curitiba, Brazil as the first half of a doubleheader, Brazilian style.

Our apartment was one of the nicest airBNB’s we’ve had the fortune to stay at. It was also conveniently located in the middle of a lot of the places I enjoyed/visited my first trip there for the Bodebrown Beer Train the year before.

Our first morning in, after waiting out some rain we paid a visit to Cafe Lucca for some great coffee (and a coffee-infused beer) as well as some breakfast. We got a little lost walking back, taking in the sites of the centro of the city, passing a few places we’d check out later. Evening closed out with a trip to Barbarium, another placed I had enjoyed. “Chicken from Hell” (from heck, though Brazil brings more heat than Paraguay does) and some of Curitiba and Brazil’s finest craft cerveja.

IMG_20160716_124058435_HDR IMG_20160716_120846807_HDR IMG_20160716_135126040  IMG_20160716_180758080

Sunday, after some breakfast we visited the Jardim Botanico/Botanical Garden. The weather was near perfect so strolling the park was extremely enjoyable.

IMG_6953 IMG_6951 IMG_6949 IMG_20160717_140510837_HDR

IMG_20160717_135816110_HDR IMG_6955 IMG_20160717_135222811 IMG_20160717_143611425

Evening closed out with a visit to the amusingly named Whatafuck Burger. The venue was tiny, only a couple small tables, packed. Burgers are cooked upstairs, than slide down a ramp to the counter, almost like a kids playground. Was 48F out, and yet 200 or so people were strewn over the street, scarfing down burgers or food from Meat Pack next door and enjoying more local craft beer.

IMG_20160717_185953286 IMG_20160717_190000210 IMG_20160717_190104912

Weather continued to be stellar if not particularly warm on Monday and we managed to book a bike tour of the relatively flat and bike-path friendly city. Gustavo, our guide, was extremely knowledgeable on both the routes and the art itself, giving us some great insight into the artists and what they put into their work.

IMG_6963 IMG_6964 IMG_6965 IMG_6958

IMG_6969 IMG_6968 P_20160718_144420_PN IMG_20160718_144938496_HDR

IMG_20160718_134458739_HDR IMG_6974 IMG_6978 IMG_6977

We covered a good amount of ground, including a block of the city with a factory/business/whatever inside and white walls along the outside… an entire block of walls. In 2012 the owners coordinated with artists on Street of Styles where top street artists from Brazil and beyond congregated for two days. Each was given a segment of wall to showcase their/their crew’s abilities. Gustavo was able to explain specifics on the styles of some of the artists as well as explaining collaboration – each had their own piece of the wall, but artists conspired and worked together so thematic elements, largely in the background, would work to tie completely separate images together in one arc.

IMG_6984 IMG_6982 IMG_6989 IMG_6992

IMG_20160718_161854781 IMG_20160718_161901250 IMG_20160718_161844892 IMG_20160718_163717613_HDR

IMG_20160718_160704085 IMG_20160718_162331304 IMG_6986 IMG_7002

IMG_7005 IMG_7003 IMG_6998 IMG_6995

(Bonus content… Here’s a YouTube link to the event!)

We were so interested and he was so passionate that our tour went at least an hour over. After Street of Styles, we cycled back towards a “cooler” older part of town, took in some mega pieces, including a Shining homage as well as some coffee (after 4pm the temp dipped.)

IMG_20160718_162834766 IMG_7007 IMG_20160718_172749626_HDR IMG_20160718_172959616 IMG_20160718_175108262

A great way to spend a day, burn off cerveja calories, enjoy the fresh air, see the city and learn something. Oh, beer calories? Yeah. I too Katie back to Hop & Roll a last evening out and to enjoy a flight before Tuesday’s flight to Florianopolis aka Floripa.

IMG_20160718_203546358 IMG_20160718_211156872

(For beer fanatics, best three beers of this leg: Whatafucking F#%*ing Beer Pale Ale, Tormenta IPA, Hop Arabica coffee-infused Blonde Ale)

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i am from arizona, lived three years in asuncion and now reside in bogota. i am married. have a limited budget, but like to travel. i also like beer. and food.
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