Iguazu, Too

This time we go Brazilian.

Took advantage of a four-day Thanksgiving Weekend, a friend of ours to bus out to Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil to see their side of the Falls and check out the town. We hit up a Churrasqueria / Brazilian Steak House to do Turkey Day Feast.

IMG_4875 IMG_20151127_174702475 IMG_4504 IMG_4503

Next day we checked out the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls. While less walking area than the Argentine side, had some spectacular views. Saw some Toucans. And while others wore cheap plastic ponchos to brave the wet, I just went straight into it.

001 006 007 013

(Please people, when done with your coatamundi, please put them in the regular trash… they are not recyclable. Thanks.)

015 027 031 041

051 052 053 065

069 093 094 097

100 106 112 120

124 129 140 133

125 134 140 153

A wet day was wetter when the rains came pouring down in such a fierce storm half the town had a black out. Was cool, one of the staff at the sushi place we went to used an umbrella from a patio table to try and shield/protect customers as they hurried in.

IMG_20151128_105112858_HDR IMG_20151127_200640075 IMG_20151127_200631187

We heard that some of the damage caused by the flood a couple years ago to the Argie side, making Garganta del Diablo visible, had since been repaired, so we booked a trip there as well.

1010 1012 1021 1028

1035 1040 1042 1046

1050 1051 1052 1056

The view was simply staggering.

Also took some time to check out a local craft beer store and score some cerveza. It was not yet open so we stopped at a beer garden, had a submarino. Learned the hard way it’s just a mediocre lager with an upturned shot of tequila in it. Was rough, but finished it. Fortunately my experiences in Rio and Curitiba made shopping for beer much easier.

IMG_20151128_133810995_HDR IMG_20151128_143432490 IMG_20151128_144053212 IMG_20151130_204251204

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i am from arizona, lived three years in asuncion and now reside in bogota. i am married. have a limited budget, but like to travel. i also like beer. and food.
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