Playa Blanca

With a three day weekend one of my wife’s co-workers helped book a trip to Playa Blanca, a cool camp-out/lodging beach on a river? lake? on the eastern side of the country.

26 of us set out in all, a caravan of six vehicles, packed to the brim with provisions. The ride was fairly scenic. Lots of green, some small towns here and there. The last 30-35km were a dirt road and a couple bridges.

IMG_20150501_091729128 IMG_20150501_091516545_HDR IMG_20150501_091347290 IMG_20150501_091344338

IMG_20150501_112952673 IMG_20150501_112850559 IMG_20150501_120410389 IMG_20150501_120436993

The place itself was great. Very small, secluded, on a reserve and a good couple KM in. Katie and I shared a small room with two of our friends in Zoolander-style tiny bunk beds. Not the most comfy, but a place to sleep. And it had a mini-fridge, which was great as we brought a not-insignificant amount of beer and wine. Also had it’s own private bathroom with shower. Hooray.

IMG_20150501_124044921 IMG_20150501_125912095 IMG_20150501_125846637 IMG_3604

We spent the better part of two days lounging on the beach, cooling off in the water, and enjoying nearby nature trails. Two of the couples each had two kids who got to ride the horses as well. Was a great way to just relax.

IMG_20150502_071903065_HDR IMG_20150502_071847919_HDR IMG_3614 IMG_3630

IMG_3623 IMG_3630 IMG_3626 IMG_3638

We did have to bug out at 4am on Sunday as thunderbolts and lightning (very very frightening) woke everyone up. Adrenaline kick is in gear. We had to move fast as a bad storm was a brewing and if we lollygagged it we risked getting stuck for several days.


We made it out, but the exit drive across those 30km as the rain fell was fairly nerve wracking. We made it, but encountered some serious storms along the way as we paused at Paraguay’s Coolest Truckstop for some amazing empanadas.

IMG_20150503_074910306 IMG_20150503_073730550 IMG_20150503_073726798 IMG_20150503_075606111_HDR

IMG_20150503_101245193_HDR IMG_20150503_101242078_HDR IMG_20150503_100732671 IMG_20150503_100730275

When we returned to the outskirts of Asuncion we saw how bad they were hit. The town of Limpio was flooded. Streets were knee-deep. (Imagine Tucson after a major monsoon, if we had no washes…) The couple that was driving us had a rather low-to-the-ground FunCargo, so discretion was the better part of valor. We opted not to attempt to ford the flooded roads and instead redirected through Luque.







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i am from arizona, lived three years in asuncion and now reside in bogota. i am married. have a limited budget, but like to travel. i also like beer. and food.
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