Tales of Paraguay – the Intro.

Tales of Paraguay – Intro

So we’ve been in Asuncion for eight months now. Well, seven, not counting spending Christmas back in Arizona. We’ve kind of hit some semblance of stride I guess.

I’ve decided to use this blog for random ravings, rants, and observations of my time here.

I’ve given it it’s own little section to isolate it from our regular travel as, well, there is a vast difference between spending a couple days vacationing in a foreign land than two years living in one with the daily ins and outs out regular life.

So rather than just pictures of random oddities or small triumphs, those who like more detail or who, in the immortal words of Professor Willerton, PoliSci 120, want to “dive into the parsimonious minutiae” are invited to do so.

Language might occasionally be course. But you should expect the occasional “drunken sailor” keyboard, as, well, I do like beer and “yes I served” in the US Navy.

About perducci

i am from arizona, lived three years in asuncion and now reside in bogota. i am married. have a limited budget, but like to travel. i also like beer. and food.
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